Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Matrix Process

I found successfull interpretation of rhetorical tropes within the conversation bubble, the piano, and the term "rubato". Dave Frishbergs style of singing focuses more on a conversational style, which is also referred to as "rubato". The matrix aided me in diving deeper into visual puns, metaphors, and hyperboles. I am going to focus on these specifically for my poster.

I found that I could come up with some general ideas that brought together music and cultural ideas such as; music involvement can make you more successful in school and the new majority of Americans being represented by piano keys, but it was difficult to directly associate Dave Frishberg to a any kind impact on culture.
I have a background in music, which i will take advantage of for this project. The two z like shapes shown here in the word "jazz" are actually musical rests. They represent the z, while referencing Frishberg's conversational style of singing.

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