Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Narrative: Fancy Golf

The p.o.v. on the left is done in colored pencil, and the p.o.v. on the right is done with different papers, and the human features are done in glitter.

I substituted a diamond in for the golf ball, because it represents how much inanimate objects pertaining to this game can cost.

To make my narrative "more interesting" I have decided to make fun of golf by using glitter! I want to emphasize the fact that golf is a rich person game, not to mention the acclaimed notoriety of golf all stars today. The patterns help to emphasize the materialistic needs of people that golf for example, Tiger Woods get paid millions upon millions of dollars for wearing the nike logo. wtf? I also tried to zoom in onto the diamond during impact with the club, and the diamond exploding to create more interest.

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