Thursday, October 8, 2009

Job Cigarette Papers: Design Directions


In these compositions I have found that they really come across as "emotional". The idea of the human hand cradling this "idea" for the cigarette is very personal and intimate. The composition in the center is probably where I will go, because I have the hands cradling this idea and the leaves of the plant cradling as well. The composition in the center also seems the most balanced out of all three.

I started to try new compositional ideas with the forms of the numbers. I found it interesting when I started to change the size of the individual numbers to emphasize the fact that they come in all "different sizes". I am still favoring the composition on the right where the numbers are all centered, because there is a sense of sophistication. I did however start to experiment with some image-making tests by photographing some woodblock type to emphasize the different sizes. Some of the results are interesting, but I am not sure if they pertain enough to my concept or not.

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