Monday, October 12, 2009

Job CIgarette Poster: In-Class Process

I displayed my final six directions that I have on the post below in our critique on Friday, and I received some interesting but effective feedback. We covered Pathos and mostly talked about the idea of the "cradling hand". We discussed that the hand is VERY symbolic of MANY different things, and that I would have to be careful as to which position I ended up having them in. When I asked someone to pose for me (their hands), I told them to "cradle" and I sketched that photo. It was an initial reaction to how someone would "cradle" their hands.
We also talked about the text being too chaotic, and it starts to fight with my imagery. We discussed having a smaller call out or text that reads "Our paper cradles your every want & need" emerging out of the stem and the leaf of my rice plant. I tried some other typographic explorations in my process since then.
For Logos we touched on my woodblock type exploration. It was astounding to Chris that I hadn't yet purchased some JOB cigarette papers myself, so I went right after class and bought some ( they are the CUTEST packages I have ever seen/held ) anyways... We talked about the actual paper and me actually printing some woodblock type on the paper.
I am also still planning to hand render the letter forms that appear on the packaging, with my own spin on them of course. The favored composition for logos was the image on the right with the letters all centered.
Just to say, It was be VERY difficult for me too choose one direction now I am very sad.... :(

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jamie said...

It was a good call to acquire the actual papers - I didn't know they were still used.

Now that you have them, consider photographing and integrating one into the poster for one of your iterations. PS post a few pics of those cute pkgs here.