Thursday, October 1, 2009

Job Cigarette Papers

I started to explore in depth on my subject matter. I feel like I might not have explored enough "broad" ideas, but feel more that i explored the organic conception. I wanted to create a composition with the typography, and the rice plant became my main focus.
I started by substituting the rice plant for the smoke in this composition, and I then started experimenting with hand-rendered type. I noticed the typography attributes on the actual box that JOB cigarette papers came in and tried to reiterate that aesthetic.
I started to create letterforms out of my rendering of a rice plant to see what would happen, and the result is interesting. The mode of appeal in all of these is Logos due to the factual diagram of a rice plant, which is what JOB cigarette papers are essential made of.
This composition is focused more on the letterform strokes taking on attributes of the rice plant leaves. The hands are cradling it, because they are a symbol for the paper in that they cradle the substance put unto them. It has a sort of mystical quality, and I'm not sure if that works.

This rice plant was created using watercolor pencil, which will be one of my rendering style options if its possible. I found through this deep study of the form of the plant that I more easily understand the organic form of the actual leaves, and therefore I can more simply adapt the strokes of the letter forms to the configuration of the contours of the leaves.

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