Thursday, October 15, 2009

Job Cigarette Poster: Goin Logos

Yay for illustrating numbers!

So, I decided to go in the logos direction for my Job Cigarette Posters campaign, simply because the imagery used in my Pathos direction carried too much baggage. The hands in and of themselves contained other meanings and I felt that my logos direction would more easily fit in to the Job campaign.
The numbers that I created have a better relationship with the actual packaging therefore it would create an easier connection for the viewer. The plant and the hand had almost nothing to do with the packaging (which is what someone who uses Job papers would interact with the most and be the most familiar with) plus the plant gets confused with wheat as well. The numbers are clear, but since I had the privilege to create them I enjoy them more. They are my babies.

these seemed to be the favorite "mini-posters" out of all of the feedback that I acquired. I tried to play around with the size and variance of the numbers, however the color palette still needs work. It will take me awhile to iterate out a color palette that really works. I am torn between the actual color palette of my original Job poster, the packaging color palette, and a modern color palette.

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