Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tender Buttons: Final

I had a few other book jacket possibilites but I decided to go with the more traditional cover. The simplicity I think a nice contrast to the sort of chaotic insides. Plus the contrast in color of the cover to the color of the inside paper is nice. The painting framed on the cover is symbolic of what is framed inside of the book. It also depicts how the type looks in visual form or I guess I could say this is the image i kept thinking of when I was arranging the type, which is of cubist intent. I have an underlying structure to my spread and I used the folio as a framework to my work.
The spine stays quiet and is only secondary. The placement of the image and text on the front is very important due to the fact that they are the only things there. Their position is crucial.
I made a small painting to represent what I was visually thinking in my head while doing these spreads and plopped it into the framework on the cover. I really am starting to enjoy the element of creating my own analog work and incorporating it into my design.

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