Monday, November 2, 2009

3 Visual Directions

I seem to be having a lot of trouble rendering out how I want my interface to be for my interactive design... its a little frustrating.... :( but here are some experiments so far.

These are some of my sketches for the cinema idea where the diamonds will represent my "buttons" as well as decorative elements within the theater. The rendering of the theater is hopefully illustration, but I am not too happy with what I came up with, maybe it means I will have to vector my drawings or just go with photo collage?
This was another way of "projecting" my silent film. I don't have any of the diamonds included into this one, but I was thinking that I could create some fun shapes that were on the actual projector. Even though this composition is simple it might be the best route for needs of understanding the overall objectives of this assignment. I was thinking that the parts of the projector could change into color when the user rolled over them, and clicking them would start a sound and/or start the movie...maybe even twist a reel!
This would be the initial framework for my interactive design.

This would be what would happen when the buttons were activated they would play a sound and either movie ex. the popcorn or the projector when rolled over would light up the screen.

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