Thursday, November 12, 2009

Communication Model No. 2 and process

I realized that my model is very linear and it is hard to understand. I put channel and message together in the same shape, simply because I just felt that they looked good together. I decided to take "message" and put it on the actual path that it would reside on. The path then goes through the "channel". I changed the arrows, because they add more contrast and look more "considered".

I started to create the pamphlet for my communication model and here is the first swing at it. The poster will reside in the back, and I am still thinking about the interactive piece.

I am starting to notice that it feels right for me to speak to the viewer through short captions such as: Hey! or Who is this? or hm...what's this? I am incorporating these throughout my pamphlet, and I guess its my way of giving my design more energy and excitement.

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