Thursday, November 12, 2009

Opener/Date: getting started

I have decided to go with the data presentation, because I can really take advantage of the fact that I have a diamond in my animation. The idea of hitting the diamond stems towards the lavish and rich lifestyle golfers can lead. The diamond itself can represent money, and the fact that professional golfers are paid more than doctors is ridiculous! The same story goes for most professional athletic sports. I would like to use this idea to make a statement on the fact that it is so ridiculous that golfers are paid too much, and that important people like teachers are not paid enough. This will of course parallel how ridiculous it is that I have my golfer hitting a diamond instead of a golf ball. I feel like this project will work better in my portfolio, because it will reveal my use of rhetorical devices in the animation. The fact that substituted the ball for a diamond reveals a visual pun. The decision to make a data narrative will help reveal this idea even more with some statistics that will reveal how much a professional golfer makes in comparison to a teacher or a doctor.

This piece of graphic design exists to increase awareness of where our money is going, which is an absurd destination. We as a society are based around entertainment, and maybe we as designers can reveal the truth in order to evoke some change. This animation could be a commercial, a part of a website or part of a campaign, and it would be able to stand on its own without a presenter. The audience would consist of the everyday joe, a.k.a. the ones that have no idea where their money is going. So...probably the 26 yr. old football fanatic who still drinks beer all week and lives off of mommy and daddies money...perhaps? Or the wealthy golfer himself...

Research...""""" (this one really appeals to what I want to do!!!) (this one blows my mind!)

This is an interesting article that turns the table when it comes to the dispute between athlete salaries and teacher salaries.

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