Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Communication Model process: color & elements

NEW EDITION! message cards. The kit will let the user send a message to a buddy via these cards, and they can get feedback as well! The user will also have two buttons that they can put on their buddy (B, receiver) and themselves (A, sender). I am thinking about ordering custom buttons since I am making the box myself and I don't know of any small button makers around here.
I did a little user testing with Ian, and he was so sweet with his feedback.
...and this is in the middle of box making 101. The final covered box is above in the first image also, and this could be the final box that the kit will come in. Not sure yet, but i do know that I like it and so do others around studio. I decided to go with the simple box design because it will lie flat which makes sense with the paper. The carry around box seems like it would hold everything but a pamphlet so...not such a good option i think.
I am hoping that when the user opens the kit up the first thing that they will see is "hello!". It will transition them nicely into the box.
new color palette attempts...I am going with the turquoise and black color palette or the bright green and red palette. They aren't necessarily something that I would go to, but I like it. These are a page selection from my pamphlet.

now, my kit needs a third element. Things work best in threes! I am thinking that journal would be interesting where the user would be able to record messages and feedback. The journal would be called "message recorder". The other idea is a set of greeting cards that can be sent, and maybe the interactive space. I am also thinking about a set of flash cards.

Set of flash cards
+ educational / easily held / specific to diagram
- boring / strenuous to read / typical educational item

Journal to record learning process
+personal / multiple uses / intimate / like a moleskin
- similar to message cards / will they actually use it to record learning process and messages or other personal things?

Greeting cards
+ personal / easy to use / customizable / spread communication kit awareness to others
- only can go one way / going out of style / I've already made greeting cards

link to an interactive space on-line

+ take the user to a new space / would add more variety / engaging in a different way
- don't have much time to develop quality interface / not as important because it isn't tangible / would the user actually leave the kit to get on a computer and participate in the interactive space? not as fun as tangible buttons :(

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jamie said...

the "hello" reveal on opening the box is a nice touch!

box seems a bit big and things will rattle around in there.

message cards are a good thought - but push for ways to make them another level - deeper.

check out Laura's box full of goodies (project for user experience)