Friday, November 20, 2009

Communication Model: in-class process


jamie said...

vis com 2 is coming through loud and clear in this project :)

edit this wording: "but the comprehension can be beneficial"

beyond the demographic for "myself" and receiver can you include a more specific example of your attitude or personal expression?

if you are talking about the park bench you'll need to show it - OR (and better yet for your direction), generalize the conversation so anyone could read this and understand it, without having to have prior knowledge of the postcard project. for example, when you talk directly to the reader about the "pamphlet" and other channel choices, this works!

watch your hyphens and lower case "i".

jamie said...

check out monina's portfolio and her bold and poppy color palettes

jamie said...

scrolling back down through your process... see how the additional layer of imagery did add contrast and a sense of depth to the layout