Sunday, November 22, 2009

Communication Model process

So here is the new list of things that are going in the kit...

message cards
cards that the veiwer will be able to write on. They can exchange between a buddy.
two buttons, one will be the "A sender" and the other will be "B sender". The user can pin the "B" button on a friend and have a conversation while they wear the "A" button. They can also use the message cards.
message recorder (like a moleskine)
the user will be able to record messages (essentially they can eavesdrop!) that they hear on a daily basis. I am looking to wire-o binding this guy, it will essentially just be a small journal with lined pages.
These stickers will the six similar attributes in the communication model. The user can label anything! from people to there recordings in their message recorder.
push pins
These are just for the user to pin up their findings and analyze them. (they could use the stickers to annotate all of their findings as well)
which are below. These are some initial digital sketches.
these postcards are for the user to show how much they have learned and to spread awareness of the communication model to their favorite people.

I have edited the copy in the pamphlet as well as added new icons and instructions on the last flap. The color palette is going to be this "poppy" green and red, or at least something similar. I tried to talk more to my viewer when I was editing my content.

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