Thursday, December 3, 2009

Communication Model: Final Statement and Artifact

My initial concept in this project was to create a design artifact that would be fun and educational with packaging that would want to be kept. I came up with the idea of "Communication kit to go!", which is essentially food for thought that is easily digestible but tasty :). This project increased my process skills by forcing me to develop my ideas efficiently over the period of time given. I realized that taking moments only to think instead of make/create really benefited the overall form, concept, and development.

The final product contains many different attributes (pamphlet, postcards, message cards, etc...) that all help to educate the user. Another goal of mine is for the user to keep one component of the product (like the stickers) simply because they like them. They will still be subconsciously referencing the communication model as long as they keep one part of the product.

The idea of user control and interaction is something that I stressed in my process. What can the user do that will be personal and meaningful? Something that can be personalized will allow for more resonance in the the mind of user about the product.

some process that led to the final concept:

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