Thursday, December 3, 2009

Statement for Show Opener

explain hierarchy of and relationships between the communication channels. what takes priority, if anything, and when does it do so?

right now my animation is not complete due to technical difficulties, but I will judge it as it is now. The image captures are of footage that I shot, that I cannot edit. I communicate to the viewer with digital text that fades in and out. It is very clean and to the point, but it is modest. The facts are suppose to humble someone and make them realize where there money should be going.

why you used the media/production techniques you utilized. what did that rendering style or formal approach add to your story?

I want to re-shoot for Wednesday so that I can get some live footage. I will shoot the same shots that are represented in my animatic and maybe some more experimental shots. Currently the rendering style is screen shots of live action footage, which have an interesting television interface quality to them. I wanted to use live action footage, because I am not used to editing or using it. I wanted to gain experience and knowledge, which I now have...and I will NEVER use a sony handycam ever again.

what, if any, new things did you learn through this process? was it more difficult to orchestrate things with all your options open?

I learned how to rip footage from a dvd, how to get into one of the schools computers and put new software on it without an administrators password (I took it off later of course), how to successfully use a fire wire, how to stream video from a television onto a camera, how to work new programs such as handbrake, VLC, and Mac the Ripper, how to create an animatic, how to ask Michael May for help, anyways...none of these methods worked for making footage editable but I will have this in my internal library for future reference.

My five facts:
Tiger Woods made $128,000,000 in 2008
Phil Mickelson made $62,000,000 in 2008
Jim Furyk made $15,000,000 in 2008
ER Doctors make on average $215,000 a year
Teachers make on average $49,000 a year.

Sports Illustrated
Bureau of Labor Statistics


Johnna Pasch said...


I know you have had a lot of problems with getting your footage to work which really stinks:P! I hope that you can get it to work out how you want it to. In terms of hierarchy the imagery feels the most important. The imagery you used however feels a little too positive for what I think you are trying to say. You should consider filming balls going into the water, mud, sand, ect. like Tyler mentioned in class. Your colors could also be more muted and not so sunny and bright! Maybe try to film when it is gloomy weather out or possibly make your footage black and white?
- Your facts do need to be reassured what time period they take place in. You could start of with
" In the year 2008"... ect. ect. ect.
I know this is not at all where you want it to be so I am not going to say anything else because I know it is going to look way different when it is finished:)! I do think you did put together something well considering what you had to work with was not what you originally planned ;)

Tom Morse-Brown said...

The images really take priority over everything else at the moment, I think because of the low quality.
I think a switch to video will be a better medium than stop motion. The video will help give that slick feel that goes with golf and help to clarify the shots in the rough.
I think the addition of some dates with the facts will help clarify also.
It looks like there is some comparison here of riches v. rags so to speak but I didn't quite get that first time round. I like the difference in the shots - bunker v. on the green for example but I feel like that needs some work, like the Tiger Woods quote could sit over a really slick green (at the moment there is long grass?) and the teacher quote could sit in a much nastier pile of something and I didn't understand why the Furyk quote/ball was in the tree? Should that not be on the green?
I love the overall storyline and how you're comparing to make a point.

Anonymous said...
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