Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Final Data Presentation

Data Presentation from Andrea 'Mo' Morris on Vimeo.

Granted, this final video was not the initial idea but sort of a serendipitous realization when I was shooting some photographs. After the long trials and tribulations of getting live footage to work, I decided to go to photography. The course that I photographed did not allow a video camera either. The idea of the ball going backwards, away from the hole, sets in motion the idea of the salaries getting smaller and enhances the fact that this campaign reveals how society is negatively affected by these statistics. The music accents exactly on the frame where the viewer is able to read "ER Doctors made an average of 215 thousand a year". I took to heart a lot of the awesome critique that I got from my fellow peers and I am very happy with what this video has become.

After creating this data presentation I realized that it might be successful for this to become its own campaign. One data presentation might highlight on basketball players salaries, while another might use the salaries of tennis players. It would create awareness of where our money is going, compared to where it should be going.