Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Startin to design some landin' pages

I have started to put some landing pages in context of a web browser.
In this first landing page the user would be able to click one of the chosen words from the essay written by either author. The essay would pop up in the middle of this page and the user would be able to start the essay from that point. I would like for the user to see a bar in images that they can click on when they click "Vignelli" or "McCoy".

1/ 2/ 3/This one is a safer design strategy. The user can click "essay" to see the essay, and either "post-modernism" or "modernism" to see some content from either designer.
This design automatically shows a relationship between modernism and post modernism. The squares would probably contain content from the designer that the user can click on and learn more about. The user can click "essay" to see the essays.

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