Monday, February 8, 2010

Type existing ONLY in motion.

So today I realized that I have no idea of how to go about creating a typeface that only exists in motion. My initial idea was too create a grid like structure with some sort of lighting system stemming from my inspirational votive candle video. I don't want to do something that has been done before, and I don't want to stick to my initial idea. I am a little frustrated, because I seem to always stick with my initial idea. I took the advice to start creating rather than just thinking more, because I will realize what sort of interesting affects I can achieve quicker. Not to mention my thoughts will be more realistic.
So, I took my mind and attached it to my hand. I attached my hand to a pencil, and that pencil to paper. My ideas and thoughts are going to be more pure coming straight from my head onto paper. Here are some of the results of my desperate attempt to stay on track and not put Christmas lights up on the walls.

I have started to put some of these photographs into different sequences of stop-motion to see how the aspect of legibility is affected. I do feel better about starting to work with individual letter forms this way, and I feel like I am starting to get somewhere interesting. It is just a matter of me staying on track.

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thenewprogramme said...

good to see you making stuff. that's what you have to do to keep moving forward and learning something about your subject. just keep trying and trying and trying, okay?

in your earlier writing, you said something that i think is key in your explorations -- "The letterforms wont be static forms, they can only work when they are put into motion with other frames or parts." we have talked about this multiple times already, and the rest of that blog entry indicates that you pretty much know what to do, but for some reason you are just not doing it. the exact nature of what "it" is, i won't say, because that's your job to decide. i will just reiterate what else you said, in addition to the above quote -- grids, stop-motion, shapes blending together through motion / perception.

you write as if you have an idea of the answer here, but your making is not indicating that yet. so you need to tell me where your head is. do you know a possible answer (and are just procrastinating) or are you truly stumped?

on to your studies for this post:

the first three pics -- with the curly resolving N -- look really cool. i start to see the N forming for sure in that 3rd pic. what makes me nervous about this sequence is that i can predict what will happen -- by frame 4, 5, or 6 i will see a clearly formed N in a single frame, which is not what your post title is about. so that's a fail in that respect. BUT BUT BUT, how can you revise this a bit so the N is never visible in any ONE frame?

OKAY -- now i see that pics 4 and 5 are part of that same sequence, right? well, in those two frames the N is clearly existing as a static letterform. i can see it right there. so again, the same challenge applies.

the word "motion" could be interesting as a sequence, but i can still read it quite easily as still frames. seems like it needs a lot more fragmentation to answer your question better.

as i said before, keep hammering away at this. i think it is worth pursuing and an interesting question. i also think you will could have really nice results, and if you can just get some interesting results out onto the screen, you will see i'm right and get excited to make more cool stuff.