Friday, February 19, 2010

Type Experiments and Process

Alright, you're probably going to wonder why I am going with an extremely bright color palette. Honestly it has a direct correlation with my infatuation with LED light shows like the one that can be found on the Marriott downtown. This first image consists of two frames from my animation layered on top of each other. I am interested in the layering and color change and how it has a "glow in the dark" kind of feel.
I am going to start experimenting with other words as well as full sentences, and how I can sequence words vs. individual letter forms. I am still exploring persistence of vision and how we can be given the illusion of a full word and how that can affect the underlying meaning.
I spelled out my name :)
The beginnings of the designalogue banner...

Experimental Typography: 02 from Andrea 'Mo' Morris on Vimeo.

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