Friday, February 19, 2010

Wireframing Concept Presentation

01 / This concept is all about "showcasing" the designer. The user will be able to choose which designer they would like to really focus on. It reveals specific achievements, works, and events that directly correlate to that designer. They won't be able to compare and contrast, but they will be able to 100% focus on one designer.

02 / This concept allows the user to select specific vocabulary pulled from both essays, and directs the user to the part of the essay that contains that word. They are able to start the essay where they want to, instead having to start directly from the beginning. I thought it would be interesting for the user to decide where to start.

03 / This concept shows visually the differences between Vignelli and McCoy with the arrangement of the squares. The user can simultaneously compare the two designers with both essays side by side as well as imagery side by side.

Fun stuff so far...

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