Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Persuasive Experience: Project Brief

Project Brief / a document containing the scenario, initial observations, target user, proposed strategy and product line.

In that case, here we go...

The Scenario
Natural Order Wellness (NOW), a long time supplier of ingredients for natural wellness, health and beauty products is entering a cooperative venture with several investors to develop and market products of its own. Some potential products include, fortified water, soda/cola, vitamins, diet supplements, household cleaners, beauty or other personal care items marketed under the brand name ACME. They are interested in selling these products on multiple networks, and these products need to be earth-friendly.

Initial Observations
There are a lot of products out there that are used by women, but thrown away at the first instant they lose their interest. I think all of us know that spot is in the bathroom where all of the "old" lotions, shampoos, and other beauty products are kept, because we are tired of them. They sit there and ferment with each other until they become so old that they are not healthy for our own skin anymore. All products have a shelf-life, especially if they are "all natural". These products just don't last as long as ones that have chemical preservatives in them, but what about that sounds good for our bodies? My question is starting to consider this: how can a product dual function, and become something that can be used in more than one instance? therefore not losing interest with the user so quickly?

Some products that I know are dealing with beauty are all of the OLAY Regenerist products for women. They have been extremely successful. I want to look into that marketing campaign, and maybe see how they were able to gather up so many women to purchase their products. Now I know that design can make you buy the product, but then the other half relies on the success of the actual product. Does the product keep its promises?

Target User /
I am specifically targeting women from the ages of 20-45, because at these ages women are more conscious about the health of their body. They wonder how products these days can help reduce the appearance of aging, dryness, and overall look and feel of their skin.

Proposed Strategy /
I am going to propose this new line of products to women through small quality vendors (like boutiques), the internet, and if possible independent sellers (like Arrbone or Mary Kay). The idea of the product being presented in a more personal way can further persuade the user to purchase the product. Having the product in a department store full of fluorescent lighting and marble counter tops can make the product seem chemical and dehumanized. Even places like Anthropologie that are a larger chain of stores still promote that independent venue look.

In terms of displaying the product I would like it to actually be in use at these small vendors, so that the user can interact with the product before they purchase it. Now this will put a lot of pressure on how the product is presented and how it holds up on it promise to the user.

The internet would rely more on the written promises and overall look and feel (design) of the product for purchase. The personal sales people is probably too much for just this one product and might seem pushy, but I am keeping that option open just in case.

Product Line
My proposed product is going to be a set of soy candles that when burned turn into lotion. The soy candles will be scented with all natural oils that are aroma therapeutic. I want to look into how scents can affect moods, as well as how the lotion can affect the look and feel of skin. The women will be able to burn this candle in their bedroom for about 1 week if used everyday. By the end of the week they can use it as a body lotion. These candles would be made with pure soy wax, the jars would be old jars that were either thrown away, recycled, or sold at antique venues. At the end of the products life the jars can be sent back to the distributor or used to make Jam, as a drinking glass, or just to look pretty.

There are a lot of sites on-line that can show people how to make their own soy candles (without the lotion aspect of course, otherwise we would tell people how to make our product, and they would stop buying it), so maybe this product can promote individuals to make their own. It would be an easy way to involve the user. How to make a soy candle
Why are Soy Candles better than regular Wax Candles ?

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