Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Persuasive: Making Some Candles!

Here is an update with my new labeling system!
I tried out some new variations on the color palette as well at some patterning for texture. The "story" is going to go on the back of the label that can be dis-attached after the product is purchased. The warning label will be stuck on the bottom and cannot be taken away. I also started to think about how minimal packaging can be, but how powerful that is. Every design move is that much more important and impactful. If I were to put these jars into boxes that would just create more waste. I am still very fond of the idea that these unique glasses are speaking for themselves. I am only facilitating their purchase, with the hope that the jars aren't just disposed of after the candle is gone.

This is a basket that I am using for a part of my collection website. They were meant for each other...

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