Sunday, March 21, 2010

Typographic Conference: Designer Bio / Concept Map / Themes

Mikon Van Gastel is a 32 year old creative director of a company called A Very Small Office (AVSO). Van Gastel's expertise include film, new media and architecture. He is innovative and willing to try new and emerging technologies. Most of his aesthetic includes layering and interconnecting storytelling elements into architecture, film, and motion. He merges architecture, art and information. He is also one of the six finalists for the re-design f the World Trade Center site. He has worked in both film and advertising designing titling sequences for feature films and theatrical trailers. He also directed campaigns for Nike, IBM, Reebok, Olympus, and Smirnoff.

Van Gastel attended the Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1995 after relocating from Holland to the United States. When he graduated he began a career at Imaginary forces in Los Angeles offices in 1997. He then re-located to New York where he began a new branch of the company. Van Gastel started AVSO in 2005 with his business partner Saffron Case.


These are some title options:

Typographic Storytelling:
A Visual Journey

A Visual Narrative:
Journey into Typographic Storytelling

A New Perception:
Typographic Storytelling

Virseption: (Visual Perception)
Typographic Storytelling

Virtual typographic perception enhances the visual intake of morals and meaning. Through motion we are now able to add new interpretations to older ways of narration. Welcome to the innovated world of visual typographic storytelling.


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