Thursday, March 25, 2010

Typographic Conference: Re-vised Theme

revised paragraph...

Fusion: type & motion

Explore the effects of type and motion moving together to create a new visual dialogue. When type fuses with motion it can lead to a whole new interpretation and open the mind to new ideas. This lecture series will let you see the different types of media that are being used in typographic experimentation. You will hear acclaimed designers, creative directors, and up and coming new artists talk about their experiments in this field. Fusion will lend a new wave of ideas to apply to your own design philosophy.

plan of action...

Cameron- will be developing two animations that will be played for openers to speakers, or as an art element for promotion, or setting. This animation will include the fusion logo. They will be using elements of all our type experiments, but combined to create a cohesive branding strategy.

Mo&Johnna- Will be developing the logo and color palette. This will be combing all of our experiment files. Johnna will be working with textures and patterns. Mo will be applying the typographic elements with the word fusion that will be super imposed to this texture. (The system will be similar to the Walker museum example shown in class.) This will allow for a lot of flexibility in our logo/branding/identity.

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