Thursday, April 8, 2010

Typographic Conference: Artifacts and Process on Identity

These are some iterations for our Fusion logotype. We tried a few of the iterations of mine, however they didn't quite work. Since the pattern behind the type is so complex it might be better to be simple on the typography so that it is legible. I was pretty excited about some of the affects that the weaving and repetition had. We are closer to making the logo move, but we still need to keep going.
I decided to further our reasoning for choosing this rectangular format with univers condensed super imposed on top. We like the proportion of key frames, since our group came together because we all worked in flash. Each letterform in univers seems as though it takes on the proportion of a single key frame.
invitations / post card (since people need to have an awareness as to what is going on, what they need and when) practical
wristbands (people will know who is participating, also who is a student or designer) practical
award certificates (the participants can show off their accomplishment, a source of trust) poetic

landing page for website (interactivity and awareness. Also the participants can interact before the conference. If they need to have a hotel room with someone they will be able to do it through the site) practical
mobil sign (further enhance the idea of the conference and will have a direct relationship to the invitation the participants get in the mail. The participant will definitely know that they are in the right place) poetic
name tags (will contain the schedule, and will help for networking. You can automatically see which school someone is from or what corporation they work for.) practical

motion piece (will communicate the whole theme and will emphasize the final artifact of the competition being a motion piece) poetic

poster (communicate important dates and let people know where they can go during what times) practical

Timeline (order of importance)
motion piece
invitations/post card
name tags
landing page for website
award certificates
mobil signs

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