Thursday, April 8, 2010

Typographic Conference: Designing Brand Identity

So I took a walk to the library today and finally sat down with Designing Brand Identity. It was quite fun and here is what I learned...
Brand Touch points:/A brand is a trust mark, It is also a sorting device./The is the nucleus of sales and marketing activities which result in increased awareness and loyalty when managed strategically.
/"When a high level of perceived quality has been, or can be created, raising the price not only provides margin dollars, but also aids perceptions." -strong brands command a price premium.
/A logo is the point of entry for a brand.
/Each logo must have a. a distinctive shape, and be easily recognizable. b. color, whihc can trigger an emotional response. c. Content, brand name or text, which takes the brain longer to digest.I fell in love with the cingular logo, also known as "jack". The idea behind this trademark was the embodiment of human expression, which I see as all about me (the user). It is extremely friendly and bubbly. It is easily applied across all systems, and makes beautiful patterns. The contour of the jack is nice as well, and creates an easily recognizable logo. Go Jack!!

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