Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Collection: Info Graphic Research and Ideas

Good Magazine is extremely talented at creating visual comparisons with the use of icons. The visuals re-enforce the words and numbers creating a better relationship for better comprehension.

See the Rest of the info graphic here (it's worth it!)


These are my digital sketches of the ideas below.

My Ideas for Info graphs of mee baskets...
/Poetic vs. Practical Uses (poetic = love notes basket, practical = pen basket, both = golf tees)
/How Longaberger Baskets are made, from birth to function it performs
/Anatomy of a basket
/Time-line: oldest to most recent basket
/Season or Theme of each basket
/Attributes or Characteristics...
type of handle
weaving style

/Iconic shape or contour of form
/List price or worth (highest on eBay)
/Story behind each basket
/Stereotypical person the basket is for (mom = fruit basket, dad = golf tee basket)
/Size, smallest to the largest
/Ugliest to the cutest (according to me)
/Follow the journey of one of the baskets on a map, from homestead (Newark, Ohio) to Kansas city
/Time line showing when the basket is used/loved the most throughout a year(Christmas baskets only come out during Christmas then is stored away in the basement)
/Which baskets are used realistically, and which baskets are not.
/Number within the series of baskets (333/1000)

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