Monday, April 5, 2010

Typographic Conference: logotype iterations

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thenewprogramme said...

a couple of words about your earlier logo post:

- the top two images under the sketchbook are damn beautiful -- the orange and blue patterns.

- the integration/overlapping of the pattern and the logotype is very nice.

- i disagree that univers condensed looks stretched or morphed. the strokes are all consistent and it looks well-proportioned. your audience of designers will be familiar (mostly) with this typeface, or at least be sensitive to the fact that it is well-proportioned.

if the goal of the logotype is to appear like it's in motion, then your newer sketches are doing that better. in that top image with all the iterations, the ones that use the various levels of blurring are "moving" the most effectively to me. probably that bottom-middle one, just to the left of the black-boxy one. the two black boxy ones are kind of nice also.

i can imagine motion in the ones with the extended ascenders/descenders, as if those are shooting out. that's probably my second choice.

to back up a little bit, the word 'fusion' was chosen by your group for a reason, and you should probably seek to show that a bit more clearly, if not in the logotype itself, then in how it "fuses" or behaves in relation to the pattern elements. how are these visual typographic elements reacting to one another and coming together as a reflection of the various ways people will come together during the creative contest week? can this typo-experiment be a metaphor for how the week will unfold?

your patterns are currently abstract letterforms and those just look pretty to me -- they don't mean anything yet, and i think they should. so the comments above apply to the patterning. i think it's totally possible to retain the great look you currently have going but change the content in some way while retaining the same methods of form-making.

let me know via email if you need more specific input or have questions about this.