Monday, August 30, 2010

Historical Railway System: Initial Presentation

The steam Engine, or Locomotive is a symbol of American History. It represents not only innovation, but a completely new culture that helped to mold our country into what it is today.

So I am proposing a tribute industry to the historical greatness of the American Railway. I am going to be branding a historical railway system that will specialize in historical education of families, and will give tours cross-country to further the learning experience.

**Vision Statement - The railroads vision is to not get you from point a to point b in an efficient or timely manner, but to surround families with the beauty and aesthetics of history (rail) and tradition.

I am not quite there yet in terms of a vision, I will focus more on these ideas...experience, and participatory. Beauty in rail travel. Beneficial. First hand experience.

Mission Statement - Our mission is to encompass a sense of nostalgia and tradition for our passengers. They will be able to leave all of life's trials and tribulations back at the train-station. Education, comfort, and luxury will all provide an environment fit for a new relaxing, but fun, family experience.

Brand essence - ride into history.

Brand attributes - nostalgic, friendly, fun, compassionate, trustworthy.

Value Proposition - The brands values are based solely on the education of others. We believe in passing on knowledge, and keeping history alive within the hearts of our passengers.

Guiding Principles/Key Beliefs - To be more specific we encourage schools to bring students on field trips so we can show them first hand how a conductor leads the locomotive, or how the steam engine functions. We also believe in giving to the local community and local schools; by having fundraisers & giving a portion of our proceeds to local community groups in need of financial help.

Target Audience - American Family, 2 children, ages 2-17.

Key Markets - Theme Park, Museums, Vacation Destinations.

** Key Competitors - Belton grandview & Kansas City Railroad, Luxury Train Club, Smithsonian Journeys, Walt Disney World Railroad.

**Competitive Advantage - ?

**-still needed to be tweaked

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