Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Researching Stress

I realized today that in the large subject of stress, that I need to research and delegate points within this subject matter that will keep me interested in the long run for my degree project. I started on WebMD today, and I took a stress test for myself. The interactive aspect of it was really nice, and felt personal to me. The interface was cold and boxy however, and seemed default. I took it regardless and my results were not surprising.

Why is it that at the age of 21 I am almost busting out out of the high stress range? I was told that I need to either exercise or seek therapy. How is this based on me? What If I can't exercise due to a physical condition, or what If I can't afford to seek therapy? Why can't I have a specified plan for my lifestyle? You try, and see what you get.

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Lance Flores said...

I ALSO GOT HIGH STRESS LEVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!