Monday, November 1, 2010

Thrive Final Screens and Script

Scenario: The garden
Mobile Device: ipad

Scenario: Tool Shed
Mobile Device: Iphone

What is the Community?

Welcome to Thrive, an online urban garden facilitating cooperative gardening projects on a single 2 acre plot for some 40 members. The individuals live in close proximity to the garden but have developed this online solution to prvide support in its many physical endeavors and a place to share knowledge and expertise, information that is freely available to all its members. Within Thrive there are many different points of entry and levels of participation. All can learn to grow in Thrive no matter age, experience or knowledge.

Who are the individuals?

There are professionals, novices, single gardeners, groups and families. The online community facilitates group interaction, physical help, education and shared knowledge on mobile devices, like the iphone and ipad. These digital solutions serve individual needs helping to build a greater sense of community.


Lauren is married with tw children. She has gardened for 12 years in her own back yard and now is a part of the Thrive community. Lauren prefers to garden a small plot within the larger Thrive garden by herself but enjoys being part f a larger community of people who care for the earth. She keeps all her tools in the community shed where people can borrow them by logging in to the hub or by communicating via a mobile device.

When Lauren is out in the garden she is able to see all her tools in the community tool shed at a glance by using her phone. If she takes something new to the garden she can also photograph it and upload it before placing it in the community tools shed. If she needs an item she doesn't have while out in the garden, like gloves for her kids, she can do a search and find exactly what she needs without walking to the shed which happens to be the other side of the garden. If she finds what she's looking for she can save time by directly borrowing the tool without even scheduling time to meet the owner. This community tools shed not only saves gardeners time it makes tool sharing really easy and efficient.

Now lets say Lauren is at home and shes planning to go to the garden the next day. Maybe he wants to boorrow a spade. She can use the website to search, find the tool she likes by reading user comments and borrow, this time from Mike. If she needs other tools she doesn't have she can ee who owns what and search for something else, like a watering can. The website will even tell her specifications of each tool before she borrows it.


Meanwhile, in another part of the city, Dave and his friends are wanting to start a garden plot. They are fed up with eating fast food and want to share a garden space to grow their own food. Using the hub they can find out who gardens where according to knowledge level. Being a novice Dave would like t set up near some pros. He can claim a plot by naming one right from his own living room.

Dave and his group can even log in to their plot when they're out and about using an iPad. They can claim other plots if they need them plus, they can put vegetables in place where they planted by dragging and dropping them. By doing this Dave's new garden will correlate with other scenarios in the thrive system. For example the system will then be able to give Dave alerts such as; when he should water his tomato plant or what bugs might be eating your bell pepper. Whether they're at home or mobile, the hub and the iPad offer Dave and his team a great resource to see what's happening with their new garden. This will allow Dave to grow and learn more about his plot.


The Thrive community benefits all of its members in many different ways; the hub allows users the luxury to see what's going on in the garden when the weather is bad; yu are able to share tools with a knowledgeable community, ,and even if your expertise is low, you can grow your garden near someone who knows how. The online solutions facilitate a greater sense of togetherness in the gardening world.

By joining thrive you will not only be exposed to a new world of eating healthy food, because you're growing it, you will meet other like-minded people who enjoy gardening just as much as you do.

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