Thursday, February 24, 2011

Branding My Brother

My brother is an aspiring DJ, and he has been poking at me for awhile now to give him a logo. His DJ name is DJ Amor, because his name is Aaron Morris. Amor also means love in Spanish, and I am assuming it express's how much he loves music. I have been working long and hard over the past couple of days to develop his identity, and here are some options that I came up with.

The color palette is derived from stage lighting, and the overlapping circles also allude to the light shades that can be switched out. The circular shapes are evocative of a DJ round table. Overlapping them also give's the shapes a sense of movement and vibration.

I chose Gotham rounded as the typeface, because I feel that it fits Aaron's personality the best. I thought to myself "He is definitely not a 90 degree angle, he is very much a rounded corner". He is dynamic and smooth with his music choices in relationship to what his audience may be. He is calm, cool, and collected just like Gotham rounded. :)

So far the process has been fun, because it's an awesome subject matter and he's family. I could most definitely see this becoming a portfolio piece as well, so I have even more motivation to do it.

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thenewprogramme said...

the ideas are solid. the visual form can be more tightly integrated though. it's a good start for sure. clean and friendly attitude. is there a way the circles can actually make a heart, rather than simply sticking a heart in the middle? the two shapes can be more unified in that way and it becomes more witty.

same thing with the circles in between the headphones. looks like those "lights" are also sound coming out of the earpieces, but not exactly (at this point in your process). if the circles were smaller or refined in some way all of those ideas could be expressed in a super-simple and unified way. hope that makes sense. talk to me in studio if you want more clarification with drawings and such.